About our
small craft

OZFDESIGN // HARRYPLOTER is…craft…somethimes just one person but more often two, three or four people (it depends of what we do) who work various things like design, animation, photo and video..like we said, anything you need for your business, promotion…
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There is nothing we can’t do!

Don’t come to us with normal wishes for advertising boards, neon signs and other tipical products. Our passion is fully custom production in our little magic harryploter  factory. If you need a fridge inside of an old barrel for your bar, no problem, advertising board made of scrap metal or from old car parts, no problem, anything you can imagine and beyond! We can provide professional solution at affordable price. Tell us your business story and we will do all the rest, from rendering to reality!

Do you need to film your business with professional 4K camera or professional photo shoot?
We can do both!

Our clients use to say that we are fast and furious, but we like to say that we are slow, expensive and top quality, the truth is somewhere in between.