Fabrique Barrique

Harryploter – little factory

Harryploter is our little factory with impressive amount of tools, where we bring things we design to life. Our passion are one of a kind custom advertising boards. Show us your business story, and let us do our thing.

Harryploter team modus operandi

(Boris THE FISH, Slaven THE GRIND)

  1. After understanding customers business story, go to inspiration office.
    (inspiration office is under ground, no windows, no cell phone signal, it has a nice fire place, kitchen and a bar with lots of wine and beer)
  2. Drink few beers, during drinking don’t talk about business, talk about cars and women.
  3. Open a bottle of wine, take something to eat, prepare one empty notebook and start thinking about business.
  4. When you feel wine kicked in, start brainstorming and writing ideas.
  5. Open another bottle of wine and select the best idea, create sketches.
  6. The one who stays the last, turns of the light.
  7. In the morning THE FISH starts his photoshop design magic and creates rendering.
  8. After rendering is done, THE GRIND takes over in Harryploter factory and starts bringing rendering to reality.
  9. If customer is happy with the result, celebrate with a bottle of wine.
  10. If customer is not happy with the result, grieve and moan with a bottle of wine.
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