Motion graphics

It’s good when you have pictures but what is really cool, when you make it move! We have that luck to work on few great projects like Tour of Croatia, “70 years of Porsche”, “Audi days Croatia” where we had to animate tracks and paths, logos and get through timeline. We are proud partners of UCI cycling race “Cro Race” (former “Tour of Croatia”). We were engaged for making every single stage animation, wipe TV animations, TV commercials that were broadcasted on national TV and Eurosport. Our clients were very satisfied with final results so on link below you can see what we did in those projects.

OZF design motion graphics

And thanks to our partner GR cinematography you can see how does it look when sound and music is combined with motion graphics.
Porsche Aftermovie
King of Učka
Audi Q Days
Tour of Croatia trailer
Cro Race 2019 TV Stage Animations