Good story makes everything

What makes a picture book work well? Words, but mostly pictures. In our case we had privilege to work with one of the best teachers in Rijeka, Dragica Stanić and her students. They helped us to make great picture books and calendars. Most of our books is written in one of most beautifull croatian dialect – čakavski but what the whole story is about is great contribution of our teacher Dragica Stanić and her assistans, little kids who we worked with. Final result was few great picture books and one beautifull wall calendar.

Do you want your picture book to be digitalized? Combining picture with sound recording we can digitalize any picture book you want! Our e-book “Čakavčica” is electronic book where you can hear some of “lost words” of croatia “čakavski” dialect. The final result was great so we got usefull tool for schools and anyone who want to learn “čakavski” dialect! Once again, this e-book is result of creative cooperation with our lovely client and friend, teacher Dragica Stanić from Kastav.